Music Of Kenneth D. Friedrich
Low Brass and More
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I have been composing music for low brass since 1980. A large portion of music is published by Cimarron Music Press. The music on this site is designed for college and amateur euphonium and tuba players. It is self-published and available by email. 
My children, Lauren and Karlten.
All music ordered by Paypal is for pdf email to save on shipping and printing costs. If you want a printed score, click domestic or international shipping links located on each page, depending on where you are in relationship to the U.S.
"Composers should write tunes that chauffeurs and errand boys can whistle....That which penetrates the ear with facility and quits the memory with difficulty."   Sir Thomas Beecham
I am available to bring my music to your school to read with your low brass ensemble. Outside Texas, I'd prefer you to coordinate with your surrounding schools and arrange a tour of those schools. There is no charge to your school for these sessions. I will make my music available at the sessions for purchase. Sound files will be available as well.
Click here to see a highlight from a recent session
New Option With Every Solo Order!!

Instant Accompanist 

With every solo order, if you would like a soundfile of the accompanying line to download, indicate so in your email or print order. This can be helpful if an accompanist isn't available for every rehearsal.

Commission Projects

It is my distinct pleasure to fulfill commissions from individuals or groups. I have completed both small and large scale projects for commissioners worldwide. If you glance through some titles on this site, you will find those commissioners recognized.  Projects have included sonatas, concerti, and ensemble works.  Email me or call (505-285-8999) to discuss your project.

My son, Karlten with Robert and David Chiids and members of the RWCMD euphonium quartet at the ITEC conference in Cincinnati 2008
Catalog 2017 (PDF)